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Regions in Northern Ontario

With the vast size of Northern Ontario it’s easy to figure out what is the best option for you! How have we made this easy? We are made up of three distinctive areas, the Northwest Ontario, Algoma Country and Northeastern Ontario.

Northwest Ontario is known for its large geography that offers world class fishing and hunting. For the nature and outdoor enthusiast you can only imagine the number of experiences located here! The Northwest’s major urban centres are Kenora and Thunder Bay, but there are countless small towns and communities that are open and ready for your visit! Don’t forget to put on your bucket list a visit to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park and Lake of the Woods.

Algoma Country is framed by two of the greatest great lakes, Lake Superior and Lake Huron and is home to real wilderness and real experiences. Many of the epic and vast landscapes in Algoma have been made famous by painting by the Group of Seven. Sault Ste. Marie, our largest community, is the gateway to Algoma and home to the world famous Agawa Canyon Tour Train. Fishing, hunting, nature and outdoor adventure are all part of this extraordinary area.

Northeastern Ontario is vast, beautiful and steeped with legendary adventure. With thousands of unspoiled lakes and waterways dotting the landscape; breathtaking scenic vistas and outdoor experiences; our major urban centres of Sudbury, Timmins and North Bay filled with world-class shopping, dining and attractions; and cozy communities offering unparalleled hospitality, it will be difficult to choose just one adventure! Our myths and legends can be experienced, not just read about!

Northern Ontario